Sunday, March 31, 2013

Introductions and Yeti Noises

Hello to all and sundry

Especially sundry.  Sundry is awesome.  I'm not sure what it means, but I think it has something to do with bacon.

As you can see from the snazzy photo, I'm a large brown dog, and this is my blog.  Those were separate statements of fact and not an attempt to rhyme.

Hey look, there are birds outside!

Sorry, where was I...

Right, introductions.

My name is Willum and I am the smallest of fours dogs who live together.  I've put this blog together because quite frankly there are a lot of issues that desperately need to have the Vizsla perspective applied to them. If only to balance the startling rise of Sheltie and Border Collie viewpoint that one sees in today's media.  Seriously, am I the only one that sees the shocking herding-breed bias?

Apparently there were already apparently 41 Vizslas registered here.  Actually, probably 42 since the first one wouldn't have had a number and the next would have been the number '1'.  See- this is why no one knew when the Millenium actually was, which is probably why the world failed to end properly at that time.

The failures of the Mayans remain, as always, their own.

And with that, we hit nap time.  So, welcome to all and Bacon.  Sit down and take a load off, look out for the Border Healer.


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