Friday, May 24, 2013

Estelle Getty - Sex symbol

Now, I know that you clicked on that just to verify your belief that the vizsla must be high.

But I stumbled across something interesting today.

While we will always treasure remembering Estelle Getty as this


Before that, she was this...

Thank you for being a friend.... with benefits...

OK, the Vizsla just creeped himself out, but my overarching point about how people are capable of being more than one thing still stands.

I can't get the image out of my head now...


  1. This is actress Myrna Loy. Not Estelle Getty.

  2. Huh. Interesting. This was long enough ago now that I can no longer find where I found the picture in the first place, but wherever it was cited it as being Estelle. Incorrectly apparently, as I've been doing a bit of research in the two minutes since I read your comment.

    I console myself that I've never made any particular claim to being a beacon of accuracy.

  3. ( probably found that misleading pic at some Pinterest page).

    Well here is one of how she actually looked when she was much younger than the "Sophia" we used to know :

    ...which is genuine I guess, judging from this video of an interview of hers back in the early 90ies I just now happened to stumbled upon, including that very photograph (can be found at 1' 12'') while the interviewer was making his preface about Getty :

  4. I'm loving the research :) You guys', that is. Not mine, obviously.

    Expect a followup on the Myrna Loy Scandal later today

  5. First comment is right, this is Myrna Loy. Estelle Getty's first movie debut was in the 70s I believe, so there are no official images of her when she was young. They might be out there, but nothing has been verified.

  6. looks like Myrna Loy, just saying