Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Battle of the (backup) bands - Redux

A few days back now I spent far too long mulling over whether The News (of Huey Lewis fame) or Robert Palmer Girls (of Robert Palmer fame, although I suspect they may have killed and eaten him) would win if they were to meet in a no holds barred knife fight.

Spoiler alert - The Robert Palmer girls would probably not even notice as they were devouring the News' souls for the glory of their demonic master. 

But that spun off and now I'm wondering about other match-ups.

What about all the other 'and the...' back up band knife fighters out there.

To whit - 

The 2013 Vizsla knock down no mercy 
back-up band knife fight 

(patent pending)

Our first round fight of the evening - you know them all for their lovely ladies of the eighties - it's the alt versus pop girl power throwdown.  I present to you - 

The Waves! (,Katirna and the)


The New Bohemians! (Edie Brickell and the)

Now at first blush one could easily write this off as a battle between the early to mid eighties and the late eighties-early nineties.  And fair enough, that would be a knife fight worth seeing and possibly a topic for another day.  But what we're talking about here is a simple street fight between the two groups in question.  In such a fight, who would be victorious?

There are two salient points to make here.

1:  The Waves was originally founded by Kimberly Rew, who despite being named Kimberly was actually a dude.  He left the band, formed the Soft Boys with Robyn Freakin Hitchcock, they dissolved, he went back to reform The Waves, they picked up some American chick named Katrina Leskanich to play keyboards, suddenly they had a hit with the one godddamn song they let her sing and suddenly he was just part of the back up band.   And so to sum up in outline format-

      A:  He was this close to Robyn Hitchcock prior to the Egyptians and missed out on being part of it

      B:   He went back to his own creation only to have it swept away by some American bint

      C:   He's had to live his whole life with a girls name

2:  The New Bohemians are clearly a bunch of hippies.

Now, I can't really speak for the rest of the Waves, but I feel fairly certain that Kim is ready to throw down.


The Waves.  By a landslide     
or more specifically- Kimberly will drink the blood of his enemies.

tune in next time for 
Round two!

 it's proto-punk versus retro-punk as we examine...
The Bunnymen! (Echo and the...)
The Stooges! (Iggy and the...)

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