Monday, May 13, 2013

Every time they mention the florists you have to do a shot

So as some of you may or may not be aware, the State of Minnesota essentially legalized same sex marriage today.  (OK, yes the governor needs to actually sign it, but still...)

For those that did not spend the day listening to the proceedings, let me assure you of one thing.  The Minnesota Wedding Florists lobby really got their dime's worth today.

Seriously.  Every single senator that argued against the bill felt compelled to discuss the state's florists.  At great length.  About how unfair the whole marriage equality thing is to the them, and how they're the one's who are suffering, really.

At one point I started to suspect that the entire thing was some sort of elaborate practical joke, like the 'meow' gag in the movie Super Troopers.  ('All right meow, let's see your license and insurance')

Had Warren Limmer managed to throw in the phrase 'chicken f*cker' it would only have confirmed this theory.  Also it would not have made his arguments any more childish or ridiculous.

So, welcome to florist-geddon.  By this time next year, asters and gardenias will be completely unobtainable.

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