Friday, May 10, 2013

Without Huey Lewis, The News never stood a chance.

So the topic of discussion today turned to the following.

If it came to a knock down, drag-out street fight, who would win -

The News 

(Huey Lewis not pictured)


The Robert Palmer girls
 (Robert Palmer not relevant)

The interesting thing about the discussion, with only one notable exception the results of my informal poll come down unanimously in favor of the Palmer Girls.

And I mean, no wonder.  Honestly.

Look at her

I don't think she's even human

She lives entirely on a diet of puppies and children's tears.

I don't think the Palmer girls would even seem to notice as they were tearing the News limb from limb.  It would be nothing but 'Shoo- bop, shoo oooowww My spine! My Spine!' And then nothing but the sound of the Palmer girls using their bones to pick bits of News Meat out from between their teeth.

That's what I think anyway.

Thoughts?  There's a seldom-used comment section below.

Vizsla out

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