Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things were so much easier before we knew that Mel Gibson was a giant asshole.

Sure, it's only natural for a vizsla of a certain age to look back at days gone by and imagine them to be happier and simpler than these difficult times we find ourselves living in. 

But all the same, I feel like this is more than nostalgia.  This has the unmistakeable ring of truth to it.

Things were a lot simpler back before we knew that Mel Gibson was a gigantic asshole.

(Spoiler warning - Apparently it's 'to be demeaned and sexualized 
while performing your duties as a law enforcement officer'.)

Seriously.  Remember when you could just enjoy The Road Warrior, without having to mentally apologize to the entire Jewish People for liking his performance?

Remember when you just spend a happy evening watching the first Lethal Weapon and ignoring his throwaway comment about finding lesbians to be disgusting?  Nowadays I kind of feel the need to pause the movie at that point to send a contribution in to Minnesotans United For All Families - just by way of apologizing for the Netflix Rental.  (Tax deductible, and still a worthwhile cause, kids)

And what about Tina Turner?  Tina couldn't have known, right?  I mean... if Miss Tina had known then surely the line would have been 'Two men enter!  One man leaves!  And then gets my grey futuristic boot up his ass!  That's why we call it...THUNDERDOME!'

And how about all the times we used to be able to enjoy sitting down and watching Man Without a Face?

OK, you're right, I'm just kidding.  No one ever did that.


  1. he was my fave Hamlet & then he went and ruined it all by becoming crazy.

  2. I know! His Hamlet was actually quite good!