Friday, May 31, 2013

Seriously dude, Do NOT mess with the Bronies

So, a while back I saw a Facebook post from an old friend of mine commenting on the fact that a sketch he wrote for Key and Peele had caused him to become the target of an internet-fatwah.

The interesting point here is that the group targeting him for holy war was in fact The Bronies.

For those not in the know - and I was myself totally unaware of them prior to this... ah such happy times... - The Bronies are a (primarily internet based) group of hard core fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  And who are also grown men.

That's right.  Bro + Pony(, My Little) = 'Bronies'

I apologize in advance for the following photo, 
which a simple Google search of 'Brony' images turned up.  

But I kind of feel like if I can't unsee it then it's only fair 
that the rest of you share in the emotional damage...

Once you've wiped the blood from your eyeballs, I will continue.  I would also like to mention that this definitely confirms the findings of a previous column.  Unicorns are freakin' terrifying.

Further web searching failed to turn up a link to video of the sketch in question (Although, Colton - if you're reading this and have a link, send it to me and I will TOTALLY add it here)

What the nice folks at Google DID turn up for me was a site that described Bronies thusly- 

"Though initially seen as a cult phenomenon outside of the show’s traditional demographic of young girls, the Bronies have since grown into a widely recognized fandom subculture and continued to retain their presence and influence on Internet culture and its hub sites."

Now the obvious response to this is "Are you high?", however we should try to remember that in terms of online fan communities, the term 'influence' is fairly malleable.  We should probably interpret it here as 'Has a lot of free time to post douchey comments on other peoples' youtube videos.'

I should of course issue a disclaimer.  I have a side gig where I do literally nothing but write about Doctor Who.  So it isn't as if I'm claiming higher ground here. 

Please begin the Brony Fatwah in the comment section below.

Vizsla out.

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  1. I somehow feel calmed by this...knowing that it's okay; dare to be different.