Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Meat Meet Vegan, Vegan Meet Meat

Let's be upfront about something here.

I am totally down with Vegans

No anti-Vegan sentiment here.  The title of this column should in no way be taken as anti-Vegan sentiment.*

* That said, I will note that 'Vegan' is one of three things that you'll never have to ask someone if they are.  The other two are of course 'Born Again Christian' and 'Attending Crossfit'.

No, I want to address a broader issue here.  Namely, a shocking lack of awareness that I've noticed lately regarding knowing who ones target audience is.

It all began a few weeks ago during a breakfast run to Arby's.*

*I have a weakness for the Sausage, Egg and Cheese wrap.  Sue me.

On display in large friendly colors on the counter was a large display for their new ad campaign - 'Meet the Meats'.  Which contained those three chilling words followed by colorful pictures of the meats in question - All clearly labelled just so you were absolutely certain which animal you were devouring.

Vegan included for scale reference

Now, as a sensible person my first reaction to this ad campaign was obviously - For the love of crap!  I don't want to meet the meats!  I'm about to consume the meats, I don't want to be on a first name basis with them.

Fortunately, as noted in the above picture, I had a trusty vegan with me to bring the entire situation into perspective.  You see, from her perspective, the whole campaign made absolute sense.  Meet the Meat.  Once you personalize someone their flesh gets much less delicious.

That... came out SO much creepier than I intended...  But the point still stands.

So what we have there is Arby's putting a lot of time and effort into a campaign that could only possibly appeal to the exact group that has absolutely no interest in consuming their product.

Think before you print these things, people.  That's all I'm saying.

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