Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Grimm Endnotes - Revealed!

For some time now the world has been lacking a singular literary resource. 

But no more.

At long last, we can present to you the recently uncovered* -

Complete Grimm's FairyTales Endnotes

*Seriously, there's just no excuse for them not having published these with the stories in the first place.  It would have cleared SO many things up.

1. Invitations would probably have gone by courier as there was no established postal service in either kingdom, so really this is all Medieval FedEx's fault

2.  It's a thing they used to use to spin thread out of bits of sheep.  No, I don't know why there's a pointy bit on it either.

3.  She wasn't

4.  See also Silverman's essay on nettles and restlessness

5.  14

6.  No, they just worked there, they didn't own it.

7.  She made sure to stretch first.

8.  Because Granny was kind of a bitch, that's why.

9.  Earlier versions used alum, but left you with itchy loins afterwards.

10.  May 14th

11.  No, she probably didn't realize they were all gay.

12.  Well, a partial truth, anyway

13.  Well, not literally, obviously.  Think of the mess.

14.  On the other hand, he was particularly well endowed.

15.  She didn't regret it as much as she thought she would, as it turned out.

16.  Why it was a human sized harp and not a giant sized one remains an unanswered question.

17.  Those stains never came out


19.  It was really only the fascia that was edible

20.  Old-timey underpants.

Thank you.  I hope those cleared things up

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