Saturday, March 8, 2014

You Don't Have to Have Knees to Jerk

Perhaps I should rephrase that...

Everyone has one or two of those automatic responses that they've picked up one place or another.  For example, the irresistible urge to immediately shout 'Polo', the moment you hear the word 'Marco'.

I bring this up because I was recently indulging in one of my favorite pastimes - reading through the comment threads on far right wing reactionary websites for the sake of bathing in the ignorance.  I came across an opinion piece written by America's Favorite Drama Queen and Macrame Enthusiast, Bryan Fischer. 

This was notable primarily because they'd actually labelled it as opinion, as opposed to the rest of the opinion on the site that they had mislabeled as 'fact' and 'news' (a common problem in news sources today).

In the piece, Mr. Fischer put forth his argument that the struggle to continue being allowed to hate people for being different was the most important struggle of our time.  He continually referenced that he was struggling directly against the forces of 'Big Gay'.  (Yes, it was capitalized.  Like Big Tobacco, but with better outfits and more Axe body spray.)

The sombre mood he was no doubt intending to convey was slightly undercut by the fact that ever single time I read the words 'Big Gay', I immediately thought 'Al'*

*I'm certain most of you already know the reference.  If not you should Google it at this time to get the maximum out of the visual.

And so what Bryan intended as a scathing call to arms instead left me picturing the head of the American Family Association wrestling with Big Gay Al.  In pudding.  While wearing speedos.

You are welcome for that mental image.

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