Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby's First NRA Approved Reading List

A few weeks ago I became aware of a new Children's book published by the ironically titled 'White Feather Press'.

The book's title - My Parent's Open Carry.  You can find their official website here.  I post a link to it because I'm going to start making fun of them in a few moments and I feel like they deserve a couple of click-throughs in karmic compensation.  It's all about balance, people.

First things first - Yes, they've named the gun-toting father 'Dick Strong'.

NO compensation there.  No sir.

My next observation is that I initially mis-read the title as 'My Parents Open Marriage', which honestly strikes me as a much more interesting children's book and now I'm wondering if there are actually books out there specifically designed to explain Mommy and Daddy's Swingin' Lifestyle to the under-tens.

Perhaps, 'Mommy, Daddy, and 'Uncle' Jeff.  And Sometimes a High School Lacrosse Team'*

*Someone please publish that as soon as possible.  Think of the children.

Now obviously there are a lot of amusing observations to be made about this book.  But fortunately we don't have to make the effort to write them here because the good people at the online product review section of the book's entry on Amazon.com have already done that for us.

With thanks to George Takei for alerting us to this comedy goldmine.

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