Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm A Little Worried About Anna Faris...

Dude.  Don't panic.

But she's totally standing right over there behind you.

I told you not to look!

Oh... well, I meant to tell you not to look.  For the love of crap, 'don't look' was clearly implied when I told you not to panic.  Why the HELL would I recommend you look at something that might cause you to panic?  WHY??

Don't move.  We're safe as long as we don't move.  Her vision is based on movement.  If we just stay absolutely still we...

God DAMN it, why would you reach for your beer when I literally just told you seconds ago not to move!  Alright, yes, Nordeast is refreshing and tasty and god knows we're all a little stressed out right now, but for the love of... HOLY CRAP, I think she just smelled us on the breeze!  She definitely took a few deep sniffs and cocked her head in this direction.  I hope your freakin' Axe Body Spray was worth it man!  I HOPE IT WAS WORTH SMELLING LIKE A LIFETIME FITNESS LOBBY WHEN SHE AND CHRIS PRATT ARE PICKING THEIR TEETH WITH YOUR TRENDY SMELLING BONES!


Yeah, they're married. 

Oh I know, It was an awesome movie. 

I totally agree, he WAS the heart and soul of OH SHIT SHE'S MOVING THIS WAY!!!!

Keep cool man.  Keep cool.

She might not even be hungry right now...

Everybody just stay calm...

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