Friday, September 12, 2014

Worst Party Trick Ever

Today, over the course of a fairly run of the mill, deeply inappropriate work conversation, my co-worker Sydney and I discovered what might be the most awesome, horrible game that we have so far come across*

*A more hotly contested title than you might think.  The day of 'Unhealthy relationship with biscuits' remains a pinnacle of just how dark we're both willing to go.**

**The phrase 'you can be the boy this time' came into play.  Tip of the iceberg.

While performing some legitimate work tasks we started singing dance club songs. The trick - we started singing as if we were going to burst into uncontrollable crying at any moment.

"Let's get it..."  <sniff>  "started..."  <sob>  "Ha...   Let's get it sta...started..."  <Nose blowing> "In here.....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Try it.  It's enormously satisfying.

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