Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm Sorry Internet, I Already Knew All 14 of Those Things About The Golden Girls

Earlier today I came across one of those clicklist things that one sees from Buzzfeed/Reddit/Upworthy/Moviepoopchute/etc. which seem to be all over the place these days.  This particular one was titled '14 Things You Never Knew About the Golden Girls'.  Being mildly interested and enormously distractable, I clicked on it and was mildly disappointed to discover that, contrary to the promise made by the title, all 14 of them were things I was already totally aware of.*
*Well, OK - 13.  In fairness I was unaware that Bea Arthur had been in the Marines.  But it's not like that's particularly surprising.  I mean, you might as well have followed that one up with 'Rue McClanahan was 78% water'

Bea Arthur was kind of a pill - check.  Estelle Getty had stagefright (and continued to not be Myrna Loy...  Sorry again about that one...) check. Gay housekeeper written out after the pilot - check check check.  (To be fair, this was probably less about the character being controversial than it was about the character being in no way funny.  If you wanted a sitcom full of characters that weren't even remotely funny in the 80s you were already being taken care of by Full House, so there was no need to keep him)

So what conclusions can we draw from this?

1: I have reached the end of the Internet.

Sadly, I can - off the top of my head - think of at three horrific types of fetish pornography that I have (thankfully) never personally seen, and while I'd like to believe otherwise, I can't bring myself to think that they aren't out there somewhere.  So we'll rule that one out.

2: I have some sort of freakish accumulation of Golden Girls related knowledge

Not so far as I am aware.  Or at least not any more than any other pointless TV info.  For the comprehensively obsessive infodump we'd need to be talking about Doctor Who.  or Buffy.  OK, or Angel - but that was a spinoff and so it totally doesn't count separately.

3: The Internet is a nest of lies.

Yes.  I knew there had to be a simple answer.

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