Saturday, January 3, 2015

Flaw, or Awesomeness?

First off - Three things.  These above all you must understand if all else is to make sense.

1. When I was 15 I was the passenger in a car accident and went through a windshield

2.  I am prone to growing crazy old man eyebrows

3.  I regularly misquote the opening to A Christmas Carol, as witnessed above.

This afternoon I was giving myself a haircut*, part of which is trimming my eyebrows**

*Because I don't have that much hair anyway, and I'm poor.

**Because they go immediately from trimmed to Beorn*** in about three days 

*** That one's for the Hobbit enthusiasts among you.

As I trimmed the my right eyebrow* I happened to notice the five or six diagonal scars I have running through that eyebrow up onto my forehead**

*That would be stage right.  To the rest of you it would appear to be the left on

**A souvenir of item #1 above.

I mentioned to someone later, as I was thinking about it, that I'm always vaguely disappointed that no one ever comments on my scars, as I personally love them.  I think they look super badass and give me a 'I might possibly be a super-villain of some kind' sort of air.  He replied that most people probably just think it would be rude to mention your disfigurement.

This took me aback a little bit, because I've honestly never thought of them as a disfigurement. (See above RE: Badass Super-villainy)  But thinking about it now I guess I can see his point. 

Still, I can't help but think it would be cool to have somebody say, 'Hey - Those scars look totally badass.  Are you a recurring Batman villain by any chance?'

OK, as dreams go it ain't climbing Everest, but it's mine.

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