Friday, January 2, 2015

Taking Care of (Haunted Real Estate) Business

In the State of Minnesota (where I live*) there is apparently a law that when you sell a property you have to disclose whether or not it is haunted

*That's one of the ones in the middle, for those outside the United States

Now, I'm not 100% sure whether this is true or whether it's just something we say on Ghost Tours to give the Forepaughs mansion that air of verisimilitude* but it's still an interesting legal point.  Are you still bound by it if you don't believe in ghosts?  How many people have to believe that it's haunted before you become contractually obligated?  Is just the fact that crazy Aunt Betty swears she didn't forget her meds that day and there's no other explanation possible for what happened to her panties enough?

*Still a great site to check out though. It's a restaurant now - the food is good and the stories of Molly the angry ghost maid are fantastic.

In any case, the other night I dreamed that I did, in fact, have a haunted house to sell.*

*I'm not sure how I knew for sure that it was haunted.  I don't remember being particularly threatened by the ghosts, I just wanted to sell the place and the whole 'might have to reveal that it's haunted' thing was a minor inconvenience.  In real life I do own a home, although I'm pretty certain it's not haunted and I have no interest in sell it at the moment.  But hey - make me an offer and we can see what happens...

Due to one thing or another which made perfect sense in the dream I was attempting to sell the place to Bachman-Turner Overdrive*

*Canadian Country-Rock Crossover group from the 70s.  Their hits include 'Taking Care of Business' and 'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet'**

**You know... the one with the stutter.  You sing along to it and then feel unsure whether it was offensive or not***

***All the best songs make you feel bad about yourself.  See Also 'Love the one you're with' and 'Pumped up kicks'

I'm not sure why Bachman-Turner Overdrive was buying a house together.  Particularly as they broke up quite some time ago.  I don't know, maybe they needed somewhere to regroup before hitting the Casino circuit, who can say.

What I CAN tell you is that I realized only in hindsight that I probably selected them to sell the place to because they were Canadian and in some way in my head that justified ignoring the rule about spectral-disclosure.

When in doubt, screw over Canada.  That appears to be what my subconscious is saying.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go drink a twelver of Molson-Golden by way of apology.

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