Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I never really understood why they elected Morrissey to run Egypt in the first place

I've been hearing a bit lately on MPR (pretentious mention of Public Radio alert) about this whole situation in Egypt thing.  And while I sympathize broadly with the oppressed masses, I kind of feel like they have to take a little bit of the blame for electing 80s-90s alt-icon Morrissey to power in the first place.

There's panic on the streets of Cairo...
Panic on the streets of Damanhur...

Now I'm given to understand that despite his repeated reassurance to William, the leader of the opposition that it was - and I quote - 'Really nothing', there are increasing reports of DJs being hanged across the country.
Which is made all the more troubling when you consider Morrissey's plea to the Egyptian people that he would very much like to get what he wants, going on to note that 'God knows it would be the first time.'

At the time of press it was being reported that he was miserable now, as is apparently common knowledge in Heaven.

Seriously, Egypt.  What were you thinking?

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