Friday, July 19, 2013

Shifting Allegiences in the Beyonce/Mike Myers bru-ha-ha

Is Bru-ha-ha hyphenated, btw?  It just Bruhaha?

Not important.  Starting from the top again.

Gentle reader, it takes a big dog to admit that their previous opinions on a matter were in fact incorrect*

*Note to the Tea Party - This is how adults are supposed to behave.  See, you're actually supposed to revise your opinions as you encounter new facts as opposed to just ignoring facts that don't support your preconceived ideology.  It's sort of a thing.

What I'm getting at here is that I'm officially backing Beyonce in the ongoing feud against Mike Myers, please disregard previous statements to the contrary.

For those who might need the backstory-

Back in the Halcyon days of Austin Powers: Goldmember (words that have never before been typed), I heard a brief newsreport on some Entertainment news program (one of your E! knockoffs as I recall) that Mike Myers reportedly didn't get along particularly well with Beyonce on the set of that film because she reportedly never knew her lines precisely.*

*This is the only mention of this that I ever heard, so billing this as an ongoing feud MAY be overstating the matter slightly.  But Vizslas have never been afraid of hyperbole and are certainly not going to start fearing it now.

At the time I kind of assumed that she must be a diva to be around and thought no more of it.

In my defense, I came down on the side of Mike Myers primarily because the whole Austin Powers thing had been reasonably amusing and Cat in the Hat had not happened yet.

Beyonce, in contrast, had not yet informed me that if I liked it I would be well advised to have put a ring on it, and her surprisingly gracious and classy handling of the whole Kanye/Taylor Swift thing had also not happened yet.

But now, after hearing more than a couple times over the years that Mr. Myers is, in actual point of fact, the one that's kind of a pain in the ass to work with because of issues with perfectionism (plus the additional character evidence cited above) I am forced to conclude that I was wrong in my initial assumption.

Winner: Beyonce.

I apologize for my earlier assumptions.

(See Birthers?  This is how you act when you're proven repeatedly to be completely wrong.  Please take note.)

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