Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The ones they didn't mention at the guidance office

In case it had escaped your attention, people do an awful lot of strange things for money.*

*No, I'm not talking about prostitutes, Knife-wielding language scholars or otherwise.  Let's try to keep our minds out of the gutter people.

Now, to be honest all so called 'jobs' look equally bewildering from the Vizsla point of view.  Isn't is simpler to just wait for your person to come home, feed you, and then go back to napping?  Seriously human beings, why do you have to over complicate everything?

And sure, while many of you are dentists, lawyers or security guards, there also exists a small but thriving portion of society who do things like...

The person who approves movies to be shown on airlines in order to make sure they don't accidentally show anything that has a plane crash in it

This would be one of those jobs that in which you're at your best when no one knows your there.  The moment the public becomes aware that it was your job to do this you can pretty much guarantee that something horrible has happened and this is about to not be your job anymore.

The Guy/Gal that designs new and exciting marshmallows for children's breakfast cereal

I actually knew a woman whose father held this job.  I believe his business cards listed him as 'Food Technician'.  At one point he received a prestigious award for coming up with a particularly good one.  Take a moment with that.  A small subset of our community went out of their way to celebrate the creation of an exciting new marshmallow. 

and on a similar note-

The woman who came up with the name 'Go-Gurt'

I say woman because I actually know for a fact that it was.  And sure, this wasn't the entirety of her job and her title was probably something to do with Marketing or P.R. or something, but the fact remains that at one point she received a major advertising award solely for having come up with the word, which means that that was probably the high point of her career.  That has to be a depressing thing to live with on some level.

That print ad model whose face says 'I have constipation'

Seriously.  How many times can you be hired to be the 'before' photo in the anti-bloating formula ad before it starts to chip away at your self esteem?

Pet Embalmer

This is a real thing.  And if you do a quick internet search on the topic you find sites that list things like THIS on their home page -

After embalming your pet is washed and gently dried with a towel or dryer.

Your pet is then brushed or combed and dressed
(if desired) and placed in it's casket.

I don't know where to even begin with this one, apart from mentioning that after I've passed on I promise you that I'm not going to care how gently you are drying me or what you are using to do so.  Also please take a moment to note that 'Pet Casket Maker' is also apparently a real thing.  I bet that business card makes you a real hit at the Applebees win-a-lunch fishbowl contest.

So if you have not yet found your niche in your professional life, take heart.  Perhaps you might want to try your hand making pet caskets.

Keep reaching for that rainbow.

-Vizsla out 

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