Saturday, July 20, 2013

Of course, that doesn't account for Laika...

A couple of days ago, global improv-queen Jill Bernard brought to my attention a website that lists everyone currently in space.  It's called - appropriately enough-
We should note that this site appears to only account for humans, as it clearly does not mention The Doctor.  (And has completely missed Clara Oswin Oswald - but that could be a result of her only quasi-existing along someone else's timestream for the moment... must check back on November 24th...)
We should also remember that in a matter of a year or so this app will also list Sarah Brightman, as she is apparently being shipped to the International Space Station - True Story - One assumes that Andrew Lloyd Weber bought her the ticket.  What's less clear is what she plans to do during her several month stay.  If she plans on being the first person to record a cover of Space Oddity from actual space she has totally missed her chance.

The takeaway from this is obviously - Canadians are pretty awesome.

"Tonight... When you make love to your woman... She will be dreaming of me."

But I've strayed from my point.
There are - as I type this - 6 Human Beings in space.  Floating above our heads.
And as a counterpoint - all of the amazing stars and byproducts of hydrogenbeing converted to helium that they are currently witnessing?  We pretty much can't see it anymore because of light pollution (as well as pollution of other varieties)
And here's the thing that really keeps a Vizsla up at night (Just kidding, nothing can physically keep a Vizsla awake...)
The technology that got those 6 people up in space (not The Doctor, obviously.) could not have happened without all of the technology that produced the pollution (light and otherwise).
It would not be possible for us to physically go out among the stars if we were still able to see them.
And I'm starting to think that maybe that's always the way things work.
You have to be willing to lose sight of things if you want to actually get to them.
These are the things Vizlsas think about

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