Saturday, July 5, 2014

Doctor Who Saturday - Deep Breath

So we're finally getting close enough to the new season of Doctor Who that they're beginning to slowly let out details about it.

In addition to a pair of moodily lit teaser trailers, They have finally released the title of the first episode of the Season.

It's apparently titled 'Deep Breath'

What with the dearth of any other solid information regarding the episode in question, here's some possibilities as to what the title might indicate about the story.

1:  It's all about The Doctor preparing to jump into a swimming pool.  Possibly from a scary high dive. 

2:  A bit of time has passed and Clara is now pregnant.  (Who is the Father?  Will this baby also turn out to be River Song?)  The Doctor is her Lamaze partner and they're prepping for the day.

3:  The Doctor has taken up huffing.  (Hence episode two's working title 'No Officer, I Have No Idea Whose Can Of Gold Spraypaint That Is')

4:  Clara is having a panic attack.  It's The Doctor to the rescue with a brown paper sack.

5:  The Doctor is about to undergo an annual Spirometry test. (Google it.  They're not pleasant)

I hope this information is helpful as we move toward the new season

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