Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Shall Look Upon My Enemy...

They are legion.  Shadowy figures lurking on the periphery of the world we humans inhabit.  The Wendigo.  The Loch Ness Monster.  The Moth Men.

Many have devoted their lives to seeking these elusive legends; grasping at every blurred photograph, each indistinct footprint, every last plea of 'I swear to God we didn't cook and eat grandpa, honest.' Most go their entire lives seeking such proof in vain.

I have seen my Wendigo. My Loch Ness Monster. My Moth Man.

I have seen.... the Driver of the Grey Sedan.

The full back story (if you are unfamiliar) can be found here, here, and a bit here.  Oh, and a followup here, because apparently I went on about it a fair bit.

This morning, as I pulled into my parking spot, the car across from me turned its car alarm on with the traditional honk and flash of lights.  I looked up and there it was.  My old Nemesis.  The Grey Sedan.

But more, standing next to The Grey Sedan...  was him.

The Shadowy figure with whom I had waged a silent, brutal, and largely passive aggressive war for so long.

The Driver of The Grey Sedan.

He was an older gentleman.  A bit heavyset. A mop of grey hair and a look of surprise and recognition on his face.

And I looked at him.

And he looked at me.

And we both... knew.

He did not hold the elevator for me. 

PS - It's a bit regrettable that it didn't turn out to be someone enormously attractive, because as was pointed out to me that would have made this the greatest 'how we met' story of all time.  Someone should write that screenplay.

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