Monday, July 14, 2014

True Television Confessions

I'm just going to go ahead and admit it.

I'm out of the loop when it comes to the TV shows that everybody else is apparently watching.

This has always been more or less true I suppose.  I didn't get into Buffy (easy, Shriner...) until halfway through Season 7. I completely missed Friends*. I've seen maybe 5 episodes of Seinfeld**. I've only seen the first Season of Arrested Development and that was years later on DVD. And despite the Espenson connection, I still haven't gotten around to watching Battlestar Galactica.

*OK, that one was sort of deliberate.  I saw one episode in the first season and decided they were trying to imply that their Friends were cooler than my friends*** and got an enormous chip on my shoulder about it.

**This was definitely deliberate.  There isn't a single character on that show that I wouldn't cheerfully beat to death with a shovel, and I end up spending enough time with people who irritate me as it is without having to seek additional ones out.

***To be fair, they probably were.

So,with that acknowledged, here's my sum total of knowledge about what the cool kids are watching
Keep in mind - Much of it is probably completely wrong

Orange is the New Black

-OITNB apparently refers to this show.  A lot of the Internet is bewildering if you don't know this.
-Apparently Kate Mulgrew is in it
-Apparently it has more than its share of lesbian sex
-I'm desperately hoping there is no overlap between the previous two points.

House of Cards

-Kevin Spacey is The President.
-And Evil.
-Possibly the actual Devil, I'm unclear on this point.
-It's a remake of a British show, which makes the title make more sense
-Kevin Spacey sure does play a lot of bad guys, doesn't he.
-Except for The Ref.  He was a nice enough guy in that.
-What was I talking about again?  Oh... Right.  House of Cards.

Game of Thrones

-Sean Bean dies in everything.  As previously noted.
-Dragons are apparently the nuclear option if you're vying for power and territory
-We should all be a little more cautious while putting together our wedding guest lists
-There is still very little reason to think that George R. R. Martin won't die before finishing the series


  1. I am not one of the cool kids either. Like you, I didn't start watching BtVS until.... well I have no idea. But I'm with you on all those other shows you mentioned as well. I will say however, I am a bit of a Netflix troll and when I saw that Kate Muldrow was in it, I too had similar concerns about her relation to the purported lezzing out occurring on the show. So far, she is not involved. I am enjoying the show. I am fairly certain the lesion see is a fad that will soon pass into implication more than actually having to watch it. ;).

    Enough about that. Just felt I needed to speak on that. I still haven't bothered with the other ones you are talking about. I am reading the first book in The Game of Thrones.... k... bye. ;)

  2. And of course I forgot to proof read before posting. Grrr. I hate when auto correct makes me make no sense!