Monday, December 9, 2013

An Advent Calendar Day 9 Choose Your Own Adventure

In tribute to those books from the 80s - The 42nd Vizsla presents -

A Very Vizsla Choose your own holiday Adventure


You wake up in a strange forest where there is very little light except for a thin, pale shaft of moonlight through the canopy of leaves above you.  You here a faint music playing in the distance.

If you go looking for the source of the music, got to 3

If you decide to explore the forest instead, go to5

You get eaten by a bear


You get eaten by a bear


Go to 2

Did you notice that bear over there? 

If Yes go to 4

If No go to 2

We hope you've enjoyed this special holiday adventure.

Be sure to try reading it again.  Remember, every adventure is different!

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