Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dear Santa: A Cease and Desist Order

S. Claus
North Pole

Stinson McDonald
Attorney at Law
Legal Representative of

Stevie Horsebladder
Grade 4

Named Representative of Class Action Proceedings

Mr. Claus

Be you hereby duly notified of a motion to Cease and Desist filed on behalf of Stevie Horsebladder (hereby referred to as Plaintiff A) and 432 other parties, ages 3-11.

You are immediately ordered to cease any and all surveillance activities not duly authorized by the Government of the United States of America including but not limited to:  Knowing if they are sleeping.  Knowing if they are awake.  Knowing if they have been bad or good.

You are further required to surrender and/or destroy any or all records pertaining to any all information collected over the course of any previous observation activities.

It is duly found by the State of Minnesota that you are baselessly 'judge-y' and your arbitrary standards by which you rate relative perceived 'good'ness or 'bad'ness fail to conform to any legal international standards of applicability.

We appreciate your immediate response to this matter.

Stinson McDonald

Atty at Law

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