Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seasoning's Greetings

I recently made a hotdish.*

*Note to everyone not in Minnesota.  This is what we call a casserole.  We also say Duck, Duck, Grey Duck instead of Goose.  Welcome to our funny little culture.

There is nothing particularly notable about this (although I am not widely noted for my cooking skills) except that the hotdish I made called for a half teaspoon of curry.  Which was delicious and really made the whole recipe pop.In fact, I don't recall ever enjoying eating a hot dish more.

Which is more than can be said for other parties (to remain unnamed) who - after eating and enjoying the hotdish discovered that he was, in point of fact, allergic to curry.  He discovered this, as one does, by waking up at three in the morning with his upper lip swollen to a comical degree.*

*Before proceeding on to my point - some Benedryl took care of the problem and everyone is just fine, so it's all right to be amused by the story. 

My point - imagine how frustrating it would be to reach a certain age never having tried Curry (or whatever) only to finally try it, discover how tasty it is, and learn that you were allergic to it and can never have it again.    That's just cold, universe.

And So -  The Vizsla Advent Calendar - Day 4.

Today's gift - remembering the tragic curry tale just related - take a moment to think for a moment about something you really enjoy.  And then take a moment to be grateful that that thing doesn't send you into anaphylactic shock.

It ain't The Gift of The Magi, but it's hard to get those chestnut's roasting with a closed off windpipe, now isn't it.

Vizsla - Giving you the gift of perspective.

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