Monday, December 2, 2013

Hallmark's 'Say it to Punctuation' series

The Vizsla Advent Calendar - Day 2

For too long now we've been using the written language to express feelings of love and devotion to other people/things/abstract concepts without ever considering how the written language itself feels.

Reflect, if you will, on the humble punctuation marks that make your written expression possible.  Think on the plight of the humble apostrophe.  The underdog Semi-Colon.  The Hardworking Amperand.  These diligent workers- far form being a mere addendum to those 26 little friends we call the Latin or Roman Alphabet - are deserving of so much more.  Of Respect.  Of Appreciation.  Of... dare I say it... Love.

It's with that thought in mind that I'm proud to announce a brand new greeting card line specifically designed to express these feelings to the punctuation marks who have gone so long unrewarded.

You're welcome, universe.

Some samples include-

O, The Joy with which I'm filde,
When I see you, lovely tilde

or how about

You make me weak down to my knees
my foxy friend, parentheses

Or even

A big French Kiss,
From me to you
Our love's not 'grave',
Accent ague

And of course

C is for the Cherished way you point at things above you
A is for the Awesomeness you bring that makes me love you
R is for the Reasons that all make you so Divine
E is Every day it makes me glad that you are mine
T is for the Time we have Oh I can hardly bear it

In every way on every day you are my upwards caret

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