Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Vizsla Advent Calendar triumphant!

A few days ago I discussed my ongoing commitment to not getting around to buying an advent calendar each year.  (You can find said discussion here.)

So today I was actually on my way to purchase a soulless store-bought advent calendar when it occurred to me - Why give in to the commericalization of the holiday and BUY an advent calendar, when I can make one and provide treats for you all the whole month long!*

*Totally not an excuse for cheap daily topics for the next month.  Not at all.

And so -

The Super Awesome Lavish Vizsla Event - (SALVE) Day 1!

A shout out to My own Christmas Standard.*

*Not actually a standard yet, but it WAS once recorded by the Harvard Men's Acapella Chorus, so who are you to pick nits.

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