Thursday, April 3, 2014

Amazingly, Michelle Malkin actually contributed something positive

Not that she meant to of course.

But in her own bile-filled way, Michelle Malkin has brought me to a new awareness of why exactly I hate Michelle Malkin; something I've been trying to verbalize properly for some time now.  This is significantly more than I ever expected her to contribute to the world, so - there you go.  Way to exceed my expectations, Michelle Malkin.

She does a regular(ish) column that appears, among other places, on one of the far right wing 'news' websites to which I occasionally like to go to check out the crazy.  I rarely read the opinion pieces there however, as they're really not worth wasting any of your time on.  Go straight to the comment threads - that's where the Grade-A Crazy lives.

This week however I made an exception and read her latest venom-soaked delusional rant - a piece entitled 'Dear Mr. Colbert: Me so stupid.  You so funny'*

*No, I'm not going to link to it.  You can Google it for yourself if you want, but it really isn't worth your time.

For those who haven't been following the Colbert story, the essence of it is that a short while back Stephen Colbert did a piece on his show about the Washington Redskins in which he did what he always does - takes the thing in question out of context so that you can see how ridiculous it really is.  In this case he replaced American Indian with Asian in order to make the broader point that just because you open a foundation for people that you've been stupidly racist about doesn't mean that it's OK to continue being stupidly racist about them. 

A line from this piece was sent out over Twitter where - without the context - it was simply a line of racist dialog.  Big bru-ha-ha erupted. 

Now, after the dust has largely settled and most people have gone back to the actual point  (the point being, 'Oh Yeah... why are we OK with that wildly racist team name?') Michelle Malkin has boldly stepped in to make sure that we hold on to that righteous, misinformed anger, insisting that - no, it isn't at all about the football team, gosh no.  It's all Colbert being a big bad racist and anyone who doesn't agree with her must just be trying to suck up to Colbert in order to seem cool.

And so I puzzled over this for a while.

And then it crystalized for me exactly why I hate Michelle Malkin so much.

It's because this is what she does.  And it's all she does. 

Michelle Malkin exists solely to misinform people.  She takes the world and weaponizes it, solely for the sake on making people angry. 

This, in a nutshell, is what I've always disliked about her and never quite been able to put into words-

Michelle Malkin exists to increase the sum total of hate in the world in whatever ways she can.
Whatever lies she has to tell.  Whatever deliberate distortions she has to make to the stories she's relating.  Whatever it takes. 

She is a machine that makes hate.

So, for what it's worth, thanks Michelle Malkin.  Your one positive contribution to my world is that you've finally shown me clearly why I don't like you. 

I look forward to never thinking about you again.

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