Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doctor Who Saturday. Or is it...?

So as you may have read here yesterday, I was recently reinstated as a Doctor Who writer for

Which is Awesome, and has granted me with a new respect for those little things we call 'deadlines'

Question is, while I was on the outs with them I'd kind of decided to dedicate Saturday's here to a rousing discussion (or tedious monologue, your mileage may vary) on the selfsame topic.

The obvious answer would of course be to re-post weekly Doctor Who articles from there onto here, but I made an agreement with them that I wouldn't do that sort of thing and I think they've probably already forgiven me for enough things this week without adding that to the mix.

So- We'll see how things shape up next Saturday.  I'd kind of like to save the Saturday space here for Doctor Who musings too short, non-linear or ridiculous to be passed on to their site.

But you know how I am about deadlines....

I guess time (in the form of next Saturday) will tell.

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