Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Culture

As many of you might now, I've been writing articles about Doctor Who for the site for awhile now.

Well.... I've been supposed to be writing articles about Doctor Who for WhatCulture... which brings me to the point of the story.

A few days ago, I received an email from the WhatCulture editorial staffletting me know that they had shut down my account as they wanted to focus on a smaller group of more dedicated writers.

I should point out a couple things right off

1: They are absolutely correct on this one.  For a variety of reasons I've been incredibly lazy about ever submitting articles there.  For example, my most recent commission - 11 Doctor Who Stories that the Peter Capaldi era should learn from.  It's currently 6 weeks past deadline and I haven't written a word beyond the initial pitch

2: I have absolutely no ill feelings toward them about it.  Like I said in point 1- it's a totally fair call on their part.

So, all things considered, getting politely let go was hardly surprising under the circumstances.  What was surprising however was that I had absolutely no idea how I feel about it.  Which, when you spend as much time as I do inside your own head over-analyzing the crap out of everything, is not a thing you experience every day.  Or ever.

So I've spent the last couple of days trying to puzzle it out.  And after three days I've come to the conclusion that I still have no idea how I feel about it, but I probably should get off my ass and get back to posting here, since emotional confundity should really not be an excuse for being all slack-ass about things.

So... I may or may not take up the editorial staff's offer to contact them if I'd like to discuss it further.  Who knows, maybe they'd be willing to give me another chance (if I ever manage to decide whether or not I want one)  What I have decided however is that from now on Saturday's are going to be Doctor Who talk here at The 42nd Vizsla.

So... That's the news...

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