Saturday, May 3, 2014

This is all Peter Capaldi's Fault

And welcome back to the ever faltering Doctor Who Saturday feature.

As you may or may not already know, a while ago I began a side job writing about Doctor Who for  As I've also gone on endlessly about, this side job came to an abrupt end a month or two ago when they closed my writer's account on the premise that I hadn't actually contributed anything in quite some time.  And as I mentioned last Saturday, they also re-instated me as a contributing writer after I emailed them and requested another go. 

Side note - My new editor's name is 'Ed'.  Which is endearing.  He introduced himself in a very nice email in which he said he wanted to be my Liam Neeson-esque mentor in improving my work, only with less burning down my house, which made me immediately fond of Ed.

This whole sequence of events is, of course, Peter Capaldi's fault.  Clearly.

My reasoning is thus - Back in February, in the old school system of pitching articles, I put in a pitch for an article entitled '11 Doctor Who stories that the Peter Capaldi era should learn from.'*  My pitch was accepted quite quickly, and then sat untouched for months in my 'to do' pile.  This was more or less the situation that led to my being put out to pasture from the job.

*It's still going to happen, for anyone who might be interested.  Ed seems quite enthusiastic about it.

This is clearly Peter Capaldi's fault, because the promise of a whole new era of Doctor Who about which I know absolutely nothing is so dang mesmerizing that all I can really do in its face is stare blankly and think about pudding, no matter how much I really am looking forward to using the opportunity to talk lovingly about The Aztecs*.

*Spoiler alert.  One of the 11 is going to be the Aztecs.

In fact, I feel like Peter Capaldi is such a good excuse on this front that I'm planning on using him as my go to excuse for everything from now on.  Trouble at work?  Totally Peter Capaldi's fault.  Spent too much on Daiquiri's at Applebees*?  Damn you Peter Capaldi!  Premature ejaculation?  I'm sorry, I was thinking about Peter Capaldi.**

*Gratuitous Jonathan Coulton reference.  It was just the 1st of May.

**Not that that would ever... I mean... Damnit Capaldi!

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to finish signing up for Skype so that I can talk to Ed about future articles.  I'm having trouble getting my account set up.  Thanks, Capaldi.  Thanks.

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