Friday, January 31, 2014

Does that count as being supportive or not being supportive?

So last night I had a dream that I was a heroin dealer.  And I was absolutely the worst heroin dealer ever.  Seriously.  Not just a little bit bad at it.  I was comprehensively unfit for any and all aspects of heroin sales. 

Which is in and of itself not particularly noteworthy (and probably fairly accurate), but for a conversation I had about it this morning;


I had this dream last night that I was a heroin dealer, 
but I was, like, the worse heroin dealer ever.  Seriously, 
I was super bad at it.


Well, that's no surprise.

And I was actually offended.  Who were they to tell me I wouldn't be a good heroin dealer!  I bet I could be a great heroin dealer!  I could be heroin dealer of the month, I'll have you know!

It took a significant chunk of the morning before I let go of the vague feeling that at any moment I was going to head out to buy a shit ton of heroin and sell the crap out of it, just to prove a point.  Eventually it passed because;

A:  I wouldn't know where to buy heroin if my life depended on it.

B:  I would actually be a terrible heroin salesman.  For a start I suspect that they don't refer to themselves as 'salesmen'.

But honestly.  A little support would be nice.  Am I right?

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