Friday, February 14, 2014

Long Term Relationship, or Venereal Disease?

Amongst the sappy love posts and 'thank god I'm single' posts flowing around the facebooks today, I've noticed a small but amusing sub grouping that is simply posting 'Happy VD'

Some of them I am reasonably sure are doing it on purpose (because that's the sort of people I'm friends with on the facebooks) but I'm equally fairly sure that one or two of them don't realize the implications of what they wrote- which makes it even more charming.

But the more I think about it, the more I think that there's a solid case to be made for that being a legitimate message today,

-Ways that a Long Term Relationship is Essentially an STD-

1. It's very common to find yourself with one after having sex with someone you didn't know very well.

2. Living with one long term has been demonstrated to lead to serious mental health issues up to and including insanity.

3. Having one, and being up front about the fact, tends to seriously lessen your odds of scoring with prospective sexual partners.

4. Duration can vary quite a bit, with some clearing up very quickly and others being a life-long condition.

5. The first step you take upon deciding to get rid of one is having a shot

Food for thought, Love-bugs.

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