Monday, February 17, 2014

Take note, Alanis. This is how irony works.

As long time readers ('Hi' to both of you) know, I am unable to resist occasionally trolling the right wing evangelical reactionary websites for the sole purpose of amusing myself on their comment boards.

A poor usage of my time?  Arguably.  And yet I can't seem to break myself away from it's heady aroma of illogic, misspellings, and vacuous crap.  It's like catnip to me.  Or dognip.  Or whatever.

Over the last couple of days I've become embroiled in a sassy back and forth with some yutz in Kentucky over the recent judicial findings there.

A Post or two into the exchange I observed to him (let's call him Johann) that the word of the day appeared to be 'Pedantic.'

Ever since that post he's been arguing with great enthusiasm about the exact meaning and usage of the word 'pedantic'. 

I'm giving serious thought to applying for a grant from the NEA for this, because I'm fairly certain it qualifies as performance art.

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