Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When You Set Out For Confusing Vengeance, First Dig Two Bewildering Graves

Yes, the car saga continues.

As is now traditional, if you're not already up to speed on the whole parking space situation, you can find the beginning of the story here, and yesterday's followup here.

To sum up - Yesterday I lost my fight for the parking space and embarked on a scheme of revenge that consisted of leaving inexplicable coins on the roof of their vehicle in the hopes of driving them slowly insane.*

*It's a solider vengeance scheme than it seems like, just stated like that.  I swear.

What I had not planned upon, like so many before me, were the implications of unexpected victory.

Namely, today I succeeded in winning the parking spot for myself, and in the glow of that triumph I failed to consider one vital thing...

At the end of the day I returned to the parking space, still flush with the warm glow of knowing that you've won a petty and fairly arbitrary victory, I realized that there was something inexplicably wrong about my vehicle.  In some indefinable way there was something amiss.  And then I realized what it was.

There was no coin on my roof.

On some level I had genuinely been expecting there to be a coin on my roof.

I searched every surface of the car available, even pausing to look in the trunk on the off chance.  But there was no coin to be found.

Apparently on some level the coin had transformed overnight from a bewildering apparition to a concession of defeat.  'Here,' the coin said, 'I concede unto you the victory and offer up unto you your spoils.  With this coin I, unto you, fealty of the parking spot do concede.'

(Again, the owner of the other car is firmly a cast member of Richard II in my mind)

Finally I was forced to the conclusion that:

A: The owner of the Gray Sedan is not a regular reader of this blog (this is statistically unsurprising)


B: I was probably over-thinking the whole situation.

On the plus side, a big shout out to Sydney, who brought me in a Chuck-E-Cheese token this morning just in case I needed it.

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