Monday, February 24, 2014

That's it. I'm Sending Skynet an Apology note and an FTD Floral Bouquet.

That's it.

I admit it. 

We were wrong.

For some time now I've been pointing out a low level of concern that the sorts of technology that make our daily access to Facebook and videogames more convenient is exactly the sort of thing that leads to Robot Uprisings and the overthrow of the human race. 

In particular, the TV I recently got that remembers what you watch and starts suggesting crap that it thinks I might like.  Take a moment with that - I have a television set that is actively trying to get me to stop doing things and watch more TV.

And then you encounter a post like this on the aforementioned Facebook*

*This was obviously earlier this morning before Facebook became entirely dedicated to posts about the death of Harold Ramis

That's right.  Not only were two men in rural New York apparently arrested for having sex with cows. (which, while disturbing enough, is the sort of thing that we all sort of expect is going on somewhere out there and just try not to think about), but we also now live in a world where people write articles about people getting arrested for having sex with cows.  And then exchange links on Facebook about articles about people having sex with cows.  And apparently they were caught because the farmer set up a videocamera in order to catch people having sex with his cows, which sadly means that somewhere out there is video footage of these guys having sex with cows, and I'm very much afraid that that is also probably no less than two clicks away from any of us at this very moment.  And no, I am not going to find a link to it for you because I am going to be far too busy asking Skynet to please reconsider and take us over now because obviously we aren't even pretending to have our shit together anymore.

I'm ready, Skynet.  Please send Terminators now.

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