Friday, April 19, 2013

George Arf Arf Martin

This may come as a shock, but I need to get something off my fuzzy white chest

(OK, that sounded creepy, but let's all remember that I'm a dog...)

I think I may officially be the last dog in America to not have seen, read, or interacted in any way with Game of Thrones

-What the Vizsla knows about Game of Thrones-

*It's a series of seven books, marred only slightly by the fact that two of them haven't been written yet

*The books are released at the rate of approximately one every geological age.  I think book three came out in the Paleozoic.  (other notable celebrities who share a birthdate in the Paleozoic era include Fish and Arthropods!)

*After publishing each 900+ page novel the author (one George R. R. Martin) enters a pupating hibernation cycle

*Nothing good happens to Sean Bean.  Although he's kind of made a career out of that, so we shouldn't worry about it

*Season 6 of the HBO series is going to encounter some significant production problems.

All of which, I feel, kind of validates my decision not to become involved with the series in any way.  At some point, should George (or 'The Great Bearded Glacier' as a particularly amusing Paul and Storm song names him) actually live long enough to finish the last two books I will probably pick up the first one and plow through, because enough people whose opinions I respect seem to think they're really good.  I'm just not willing to go through the 'Deadly Hallows' experience again. 

Here's a link to the P&S song, by the by.  I don't own it or them, nor do they own me, which explains why they rarely give me snausages.

Write Like The Wind (George R.R. Martin)

Vizsla Out

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