Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You knew it was going to come up sooner or later...

If you live in my house, there are a couple things that you can be pretty sure of.

1:  A sheltie will occasionally sit on you


2:  You're going to end up watching Doctor Who.  A LOT of Doctor Who.

(Also 3: When Grampa comes over it means you're going to get cookies.  Not strictly relevant to the topic at hand, but totally worth giving him a shout out for.)

But as I was saying...  Doctor Who.

For those of you who don't know, which until a few years ago would have been all of you (barring one or two exceptions), Doctor Who is a science fiction show made in England. 

Now, I'm not exactly sure where or what 'England' is, but I HAVE been to the park three blocks away, so I'm going to assume that England is farther away than that, and that when you are there you should be sure to have baggies to pick up your poop.

Vizslas- Not noted as global travelers. 

In any case, they apparently started making it before even daddy was born and six years before they invented 'color'.  I don't exactly know what color is either, but it seems like a big deal to people, so I thought I'd mention it.

They made it for a long time and told lots of stories, but then they cancelled it, sometime around the time Daddy was finishing something called 'high school' (I think it has something to do with learning to sit, stay, and dress and think exactly like the people around you in order to avoid social ostracism.  Seems like a strange way to spend time to me, but who am I to judge.)

Anyway, the upshot is that they eventually sold Daddy (and possibly one or two other people) video copies of all of these stories, which Daddy could then watch and enjoy and hide whenever other people came over to the house.  (No, I don't know why)

And this was all well and good and status-quo-y, but then a few years ago (eight years ago to be exact.  I remember it well. I was a mere pup of four, happily romping and rolling in the grass and making yeti-noises... .good times....good times...)

Ok, I'm back. Sorry, Vizslas are terribly prone to getting lost in the flashback.  As I was saying, eight years ago they started making NEW episodes of the show again.  And what's more, it was actually becoming cool to watch and know about!It was the dawn of a Golden Age!

The one problem was that they weren't actually showing any of the new show in this country, for reasons not entirely clear to Vizsla-dom.

Fortunately, one of Daddy's super awesome friends in this 'England' place, who was very thoughtful and not entirely restrained by anti-piracy law, recorded all of the new episodes onto a DVD and mailed them to Daddy, which made him just about the happiest ever.

He then insisted on making a sofa-cushion fort to sit in before he would allow himself to watch any of the new episodes- on the principle that back in HIS day that was how these things were done- thus conclusively proving that whilst liking Doctor Who might have become cool, there was certainly no chance that Daddy had..

So anyway, here we are 8 years later.  Kids in the current version of 'high school' are all wearing Doctor Who t-shirts and somehow NOT getting beaten up for it (an impossible feat in Daddy's day) and all is more or less well with the world.

Now could you please get this Sheltie off of my face?

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  1. the paragraph starting: 'he then insisted' is very douglas adamsy.