Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And that's why it's a mistake to try

A fair few years ago I knew a guy who was an actor.  And despite the fact that he was a great big teddy bear of a guy once you actually spoke to him, he was physically quite intimidating- again, until you actually spoke to him.

Of course, this led to him constantly being cast in mean/tough guy parts which - hey, at least he was working- so that's all well and good.

Until he got a role on America's Most Wanted, reenacting scenes as a crazed drug lord who'd killed a fairly impressive amount of people.

At which point he started having to carry proof of identity AND details of his TV contract EVERY SINGLE PLACE HE WENT.  Because well intentioned people kept calling the police and reporting him as a crazed murderous drug lord.

Seriously, this happened many times.

On the other hand, I also knew a guy in the mortgage industry (back before they destroyed the entire economy of the free world and earned the right to be hunted like vermin...) who was trying to get a loan underwritten, only to continually run up against a brick wall whenever he tried to verify where exactly the borrower in question was going to be getting the twenty thousand dollars in question.

Finally he told the guy, 'look, Guy, you have until tomorrow to verify where this money is coming from or the deal is off.'

And the next day the guy showed up with certified funds from the FBI from turning in his roommate, for whom he had discovered there was a significant reward offered due to him being a horrible HORRIBLE person who had done some truly terrible things. He had just been unable to say anything about the investigation until the roommate had been arrested.

The moral of the story-

It doesn't matter if you're good, bad, guilty or innocent.  Other people are just going to come along and fuck it up for you either way.

-Vizsla Out.

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