Monday, April 29, 2013

Things would probably be pretty different if Phylicia Rashad ruled the world

And by ruled the world I of course mean, with omnipotent god-like powers.  Because, honestly, what is the point of ruling the world is one does not have omnipotent god-like powers.  It Hitler had had the benefit of watching Doctor Who even just through the Tom Baker years he would have understood that.

But I digress-

If Phylicia Rashad ruled the world-

Her career probably would not have started with an acclaimed Broadway run in Raisin in the Sun, but instead would have been more about crushing her enemies and consuming their souls.

This is just common sense really.

If you wanted Fame, then right there is where you would start paying.  In Sweat.

This comment probably makes no sense if you aren't aware that Debbie Allen is her younger sister

Everybody would not Hate Chris, and the show would still be running

She was on it, you know.

Madeline Kahn would still be alive and thriving.  As would Gilda Radner.  

Because The Rashad (as she would be known) would be a benevolent God and NOT hate funny women.  In direct contrast to our current arrangement (See: Gracie Allen) 

Madeline Kahn was on the show Cosby with her, if you're confused by the connection.  And if you do not realize that Madeline Kahn was the funniest woman in the history of the Universe, I refer you to the film 'Clue'  (Cluedo if you're all European about it)

There would be Consequences for The Village People

Although I am not entirely sure if they would be positive or negative...  She was, apparently, married to their lead singer Victor Willis for 4 years.  Despite the many MANY reasons why that seems unlikely.

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