Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Springtime, and Goodness, isn't that a lot of feces...

So the snow has melted and the sun is finally out.  The time of year has at last come when a hunting breed's thoughts turn to bunnies.

Also, if you live with three other dogs there is a ridiculous amount of poop unveiled for the delight of the neighborhood.

And so it is with heavy heart and durable lawn bags that daddy sets forth to clean up an  unreasonable amount of waste from the back yard.

It is in appreciation of this, that I post Daddy's Love Song to Jane (Espenson) because nothing says thank you like allowing your parents to vicariously live out their own failed music industry dreams through your career.

I am exactly like Justin Bieber.

Thanks, Dad (and Jane Espenson)

1 comment:

  1. Note from Daddy-

    I'm not certain which is more unpleasant - Picking up poop or being compared to Justin Bieber's father...