Friday, April 5, 2013

Things that Vizsla's do not do.

I know that it's easy to look at a Vizsla and think, 'Hey, there is nothing that they can't do'

And you would of course be right.

There are however several things that the Vizsla will not do.  Because Vizsla's are different than people.  And by different I mean better.  And yes, I totally stole that line from Better off Ted.  (Seriously - Portia DiRossi.  SOMEBODY find that woman a long term vehicle!)

Things that Vizsla's do NOT do-


Hey, you could have spent your day being a psychotic self-obsessed dictator who moved all his missiles to his border with South Korea that morning.  Come nightfall I would still totally let you rub my belly.  Because that's how vizslas roll.

and while we're on the subject...

Move All Their Missiles to Their Border With South Korea.

Not cool, Un.  Not cool.

However you're in luck, because Vizsla's also do not...

Hold a Grudge 

That's right.  Even if you are the Border Healer that has totally been biting my ankle ALL day long, I will still totally spoon with you.  I will spoon the CRAP out of you.  Because I weight three times what you do and forget that a lot of the time.  So I'm hoping you also do not hold grudges

Get involved in a land war in Asia

It's one of the classic blunders, you know. Also never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.  Also wear sunscreen.

Jump out of a canoe in the middle of a lake

because apparently that's 'wrong'

Tear up plants and throw them all over grandpa's house

No sir.  Never would.  Why would you even ask?


Ok, I totally destroyed Grandpa's house.  I was young.  And it made me really sick.  Can we call that even?

Become the Bass Player for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

No opposable thumbs.

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