Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fightin' crime and filtering seawater...

Today during the course  of an increasingly random text conversation I think I may have created the next truly great superhero team-

The Narwhal! 

Goring crime with his mighty horn of power (which is actually made up of his only two teeth- Justice and Fury - which grow out of the top of his head.  Which doesn't really help the metaphor, but IS interesting to know.)

and his trusty sidekick...

Baleen Boy!

Filtering the citizens of the City to safety, Baleen Boy is always ready to go for the Krill*!

*I'm sorry about that joke.  I really am.

You may now begin submitting your artistic representation of them.  My favorite may even get a prize.

*Bonus points for representing them through interpretive dance.

I look forward to your submissions

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