Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm not sure Leo would be down with this...

There's a thing that I'm going to call 'Willum's law of Genre Television Promotion' (feel free to just start referring to it as Willum's Law - I'd like my fame to start as quickly as possible please)

What Willum's Law states is that any genre Television program that has a minimum of five characters and reaches a minimum of it's third season will inevitably produce a promotional image of those characters recreating Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper (as popularized by that Dan Brown book a few years ago)

 I'll save you the trouble of Googling it - Here's the original (cleaned up a bit)

I first began to notice the phenomenon a few years back in the following ad for Battlestar Gallactica (new version)

 Now what's interesting to me about this one is that while they've gone out of their way to get the tone of the physicality right, if you look at they don't actually have  one-to-one relationship with the placement of the figures in the original, despite having pretty much enough people to do so.  In fact, what's really interesting is the one person who's placement they've left out altogether. 

In the original painting Judas is this guy...

Now go back and look at the BSG image - it appears that in the Battlestar Gallactica view of things the role of the betrayer will be played by a nice glass of wine.  Which is fair enough, I know wine has betrayed me more than a time or two.

After that it was only appropriate that the painting most known for the web of ridiculous theories surrounding it be used to advertise the Show that could make the same claim...

It's worth noting here that even though they actually have one disciple too many in the picture (and cast Locke as Jesus which calls into question a good deal of Christian Mythology but we'll brush past that) they still have a curiously blank space where Judas should be. 

Perhaps someone just forgot to CGI in the Smoke Monster...

Then we got House...

 Where we note that Dr. House is in imminent danger of being betrayed by some anesthesiological machinery

The Sopranos...

Where the Internet tells me the role of Judas is played by his mother.  I'll have to take the internet's word on this, as I never really watched the show. 

The Internet also just informed me during that last search that The Sopranos image was actually the first and the Lost one was actually one of the Last, but I'm going to have to tell the internet to piss off with this information, as the Vizsla is not heavy into editing.

And I'd much rather be happy than right anyday.

Then we get Bones...

In which there doesn't seem to be a clear Jesus, but at least everyone is happy.  At least until their ultimate betrayal by that container of General Tso's Chicken.

So there you have it demonstrated.  Willum's Law.

Please make use of the term repeatedly until I here it used on The Big Bang Theory

Vizsla out -

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