Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vizsla Flashback - Vizsla Got no Topic

This weeks flashback takes us back to May 30th,

We were so young then, so full of dreams just waiting to be crushed by an uncaring universe.

Good times.

What I learned from this particular post the first time around is that if you tag something with the words 'Kaley Couco's Boobs' our web traffic goes up.

Another fun thing I learned from a different post around this time time period was that if you post in German you start getting pageviews in Argentina..

So with that knowledge - here is -

Vizsla Flashback -Vizsla got no topic

So, the Vizsla has started tonight's column about five or six times now, but just can't find any enthusiasm for any particular topic.

First it was going to be 'Hey Vampires-  What's up with you guys?' because of the beginning of the new season of True Blood.  Asking the long standing question - Vampires-  WTF?  Remember when you guys were supposed to be scary?  Now you're either supposed to be sexy or sparkly or god knows what else.  For the love of god man up and get back to what you're there for.

But then I remembered that I'd just done the one about vampire pattern baldness, and it just seemed derivative.

So then it was going to be 'OK, I'll ask - why doesn't Penny have a last name?' all about Kaley Couco's character on the show Big Bang Theory, and how they've never actually bothered to give her a last name.

But then I realized that after that exact sentence I had nothing else to say beyond mentioning how the theme song makes me a little sad because it reminds me that Stephen Page isn't with The Barenaked Ladies anymore.

Then I briefly toyed with just titling tonight's column 'Boobs'.

But that was really just a transparent effort to get more google search traffic.

 Thought about discussing the steadily declining quality of Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta books, but that would force me to acknowledge that I'm still reading them.

Crap, maybe if I'd ever gotten around to watching The Wire I might have something to say about that...

So, about Kaley Couco's boobs....

Oh, who am I kidding.

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