Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Few Retractions

In my zest to consistently bring you new and interesting fun facts to know and share, occasionally - just occasionally mind you, I may have published a statement or two that - while I wouldn't go so far to label them as 'wrong' per se, could be interpreted as enthusiastically non-verifiable.

To that point, it's come the time to print some retractions for a view of my more - shall we say - potentially actionable errors

-It appears that the role of Cindy Brady on TV's The Brady Bunch was played by Susan Olsen, and not - as previously claimed, Mimi Van Pantyhausen

-Apparently Peter Boyle never actually played Catwoman

-It turns out that Turkmenistan is a real country

-The answer was 'C', not 'D'

-Michelle Bachmann was never, it turns out, married to Hitler.  

-After further study it's been discovered that people who stop at the end of the acceleration lane actually are the anti-christ.

-It's perfectly possible to have more than one nemesis.  

-You should go to the doctor to get that looked at.

I apologize for these errors and assure the public that ever effort is made to confirm all randomly made up crap before hitting the 'Publish' button.

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