Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm sorry, they're doing what now?

I'm trying to decide is the existence of the Internet is a sign of the progress of our society, or a sign of it's imminent collapse.

It began with a blog entitled - 'Sports Balls replaced by Cats'.  Which was exactly what the name says.

Someone has taken the time to lovingly photoshop sports photos, removing the athlete's balls (easy there Shriner...) and replacing them with cats. 

Now, I don't actually have mad photoshop skills (or indeed, any, photoshop skills) so I can't say for certain what sort of time commitment that such an endeavor involves, but the fact remains.  Someone of there is spending their time doing this.

And someone else is running a blog dedicated to nothing but showing picture of men taking up too much space on the subway.  Which seems curiously specific to me.  (Apparently it recently featured some guy off of Game of Thrones, which I refuse to emotionally invest in until I get some sort of reassurance that George isn't going to die before he gets around to finishing it.)

The jury is in, people.  It's come down firmly on the side of imminent collapse.

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