Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's called an Interjection. Now go wash your mouth out with soap

It's bothered me for a long time now that they no longer teach kids Interjections in US schools.

Apparently at some point along the route from New Math to No Child Left Behind and on to Common Core we decided that we didn't really have time to go over all the parts of speech.  So these days we pretty much just go over your Nouns and your Verbs, maybe taking an adjective in along the way if we have some free time.

Which means that all over the country kids are dropping the F-bomb and having no idea how they would diagram the sentence if asked to do so.

A helpful overview of our friend the Interjection can be found here.

Damnit, It's about standards.

And yes - children of today - we really did use to get shots in the behind.  The 70s were a strange and frightening place.

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