Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Interview with Imaginary Benedict Cumberbatch

Welcome once again to our semi-regular feature* in which we here at Vizsla HQ are simply thrilled to welcome some fabulous people for a compelling and insightful interview, marred only slightly by the fact that they aren't actually 'here' in any conventionally accepted usage of the word.

*Which is to say we did this once before and doing another one seemed to fall somewhere between being a good idea and admitting publicly that I didn't have any particularly good original ideas today.  Look, I'm actually not feeling very well today and I've been under a lot of stress and who are you to judge me.


Today I'm thrilled to be able to bring you my thrilling discussion with the only acceptable T.V. Sherlock Holmes - Imaginary Benedict Cumberbatch

<Oh - and Spoiler Warning concerning Star Trek: Into Darkness, btw>

VIZSLA: Hello there Mr. Cumberbatch, [Imaginary], it's a great pleasure to imagine speaking with you

IMAGINARY BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH:  Please, call me Imaginary Benedict

V: How nice of you, thanks!

IBC: It's how I roll.  I'm terribly, terribly 'Street'

V: Yes, I've always believed that to be the case.

IBC:  Word.

V:  Let's talk Sherlock for just a moment.  I understand that Martin Freeman is an incredible snuggler.

IBC:  ...  that's... not actually show related...

V:  But he is, right?

IBC:  Oh, he totally is.

V:  So I finally got around to watching Star Trek last night and... I'm sorry... I just can't stop thinking about how much you look like an otter.

IBC:  It's true.  I'm one eighth otter on my mother's side.

V:  Well, that explains it.

IBC:  Did you enjoy Star Trek?

V:  I did, yes.  Although watching it forced me to acknowledge that I had never seen the original series episode 'Space Seed', in which we first met Khan, the character you play in the film.

IBC:  For Shiz.

V:  I know.  So I went to Netflix and watched it.

IBC:  And what did you think?

V:  I think I saw a lot more of Ricardo Montalban's flesh than I ever wanted to.

IBC:  I am so sorry.

V:  Yes, I was kind of blaming you for that.

IBC:  Totally my bad.  Totally.

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